No-Bake Cookies, Backcountry Edition

When you’re out having a good time, you’ll need to eat many calories. Many hikers make this mistake when packing. I often forget to pack enough fat on the trail and end up regretting it. There’s just so much trail mix one can consume in a single day. I’ve recently started delivering high-octane cookies to the peaks in Juneau, Alaska, where I live and work. Baking is not an option for someone who lives in an automobile. As a result, no-…

Dispersed Camping in Colorado

Colorado’s well-established campgrounds are ideal for families with young children and anybody else searching for a quick and reasonably painless way to spend a night or two in the state’s gorgeous natural places. Dispersed camping, on the other hand, is something you’ll want to carefully consider if you’re hellbent on avoiding the crowds, having a more true nature experience, and possibly sleeping in the same spot for a prolonged amount of time.
Established Camping vs. Dispersed Camping
Camping in Colorado and other parts …

Travel BlogsHiking & Backpacking in California Winters: From Cold Weather Gear to Trail Safety Skills

Are you thinking of backing in California during the winter season? In that case, here are some of the important things that you need to know about what footwear to wear and the cold weather. 
Snowshoes vs. Crampons vs. Microspikes: Which One Should You Wear?
Microspikes work well on flat hiking trails with packed snow or ice. When your boot treads quite gripping well, they provide that extra bit of traction. Here’s an example of a car analogy: regular boots have a more aggressive tread than winter snow tires, but you put on tire chains to …

Dillon Reservoirs Best Hikes, Rides, & Camping

Dillon Reservoir is situated in the middle of the Tenmile Range, the Front Range and the Gore Range in Summit County. It sits at a 9,000 elevation and is considered among the most active leisure sites of Central Colorado.
The Blue River’s natural flow was cut off because of the Dillon Dam construction which was part of the Thompson Project. As a result, the Dillon Reservoir was created to provide Denver’s water supply, creating one of the most exciting recreational locations in the Rocky Mountains area.

Top Things to Do in Evergreen Colorado

Are you planning on visiting Evergreen Colorado any time soon? In that case, here are some of the things you might enjoy in the area:
1. Go Down to the Evergreen Lake
Downtown Evergreen, located along Colorado Highway 74, is a charming location with shopping, restaurants, and other amenities, and it’s just a short walk from lovely Evergreen Lake. You can stop by one of the eateries, such as Maya’s Cantina & Grill or the Bait Shack Tavern, for food and drinks. 
2. Explore the Lariat Loop